Bunker Books

We Go Beyond Service

Bunker Books is not just a service provider, but a dedicated partner who’s here to support business owners with financial expertise, every step of the way.


To be a leading partner of financial services for startups and SMBs in Indonesia, known for our unwavering commitment to excellence and strategic insight.


We help business owners navigate the financial landscape, with strategic financial and tax solutions designed to catalyze business growth and sustainability.

Meet the Stewards

Ridho Muhammad Purnomosidi

Head of Operations

Ike Haeri Yani

Lead Consultant

Willy Sukamto

Lead Consultant

Raisya Puspa Septiani

Lead Consultant

Ramadhan Namora Asi Sihombing

Lead Consultant

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Trusted by Indonesia’s Most Dynamic Startups and SMBs

Expertise Meets Empathy: Your Catalyst for Growth

Our deep-rooted expertise combined with a uniquely human approach distinguishes us. At Bunker Books, we believe in empowering business owners with the right tools & knowledge to make informed financial decisions, confidently.